Past Exhibitions



Summer Art  Market, Denver, CO 


Creative Framing Art Gallery, Louisville, CO



Summer Art Market, Arts Students League of Denver, CO

Beaver Creek Arts Festival, Beaver Creek, CO

Longmont Home Show, Bolder County, CO

Art Walk, Louisville, CO

Carefree Arizona, Fine Art and Wine Festival



Parker Fine Arts and Music Festival, Parker, CO
Smash Art Festival, Parker, CO
Summer Art Market, Denver, CO 
Artist's in Recovery, Dairy Center of the Arts, Boulder, CO


Prism Workspaces Denver, CO
Art Walk, Longmont, CO
Summer Art Market, Denver, CO
Art Walk, Longmont, CO


Loveland Fine Art and Wine Invitational, Loveland, CO

Art Walk, Longmont, CO

Open Studios, Longmont, CO

Creative Framing, Group Show, Collectors Choice Award, Louisville, CO

Pop Up Gallery, Louisville, CO

St. Julien, Group Show, Boulder, CO



Open Studios, East Boulder County Artists, Erie, CO

Group Show, Creative Framing, Gallery Louisville, CO

Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery, Special Recognition





Colorado’s Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, Pueblo, CO 

Colorado Creative Industries





Best of Show, Parker Fine Art Festival, Parker CO 2017

Collectors Choice Award, Creative Framing Art Gallery Louisville CO 2016

Tabitha Aaron

Tabitha's first life drawing in the second grade of her hand holding a rose became the cornerstone of her artistic abilities. Tabitha was born and raised in Upstate NY and now lives in Erie Colorado with her two daughters and enjoys healthy cooking, outdoor activities, traveling, photography, yoga and meditation. Her Working Art Studio is in Boulder, CO. Tabitha's work connects and reinforces a calm and intimate fellowship between humans and the wild and inspires the creative process.

"My process is a combination of venetian plaster, acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal and/or graphite. This technique creates a unique composition of layers creating depth that brings the viewer in a little closer. I start with a blank canvas letting go of all expectations, letting my intuition lead the way".  


Tabitha’s latest collection “The Peace of Wild Things” creates an intimate connection with the spirit of nature. Nature has been shown to enhance our lives and put us at ease during a time when stress is a global epidemic. When there is stress or trauma our souls become trapped in the human heart unable to differentiate between two worlds, abstract and reality. Tabitha’s work bridges this gap and enlightens the soul by combining both abstract expressionism and semi-transparent wildlife.

The foundation of all Tabitha’s work starts in abstract form, this allows free exploration of thoughts and ideas. Our lives are a composite of our abstract thoughts, each thought or experience creates a layer, each layer revealing evidence of how we were shaped into who we are. The layers of our lives resemble the core of the earth taking us through different “geological eras.” When all the layers are viewed together we see the beauty of the whole. Tabitha use’s either Venetian Plaster or molding paste to create layer upon layer, establishing the desired texture and depth.

Periodically a painting will remain as an abstract piece. This happens when she wants to escape from the confines of thought. When the abstract outlines something conceivable, semi-transparent wildlife becomes her subject matter. The wildlife will then become an integral part of the background, the transparency creates trust and invites the viewer in, revealing all the layers. This is how we establish connection when we can distinctly see into the spirit of each animal perceiving the world as they do enriching our own appreciation of life.

Tabitha’s passion is to establish a soul level connection to nature. We are all connected to nature at the cellular level of our being. What we do to nature and how we take care of it, we will eventually feel those consequences. If we want to see a movement of collective actions to conserve and protect the environment it starts with an intrinsic connection between humanity and life on earth that penetrates deep within to move us in our very soul. The more opportunities we have to open the door for people to become aware of the inspired and animated ways they connect to nature the more they will motivate and transform issues like pollution, climate change, habitat degradation, rapid extinction of rainforests and wildlife.

Tabitha has been showing her work locally in Outdoor Art Festivals throughout Colorado and has currently expanded into Arizona. She was awarded Best of Show at the Parker Fine Art Festival in Parker CO in 2017. Tabitha was awarded the Art Collectors Award, 2016 at Creative Framing Art Gallery in Louisville, CO. She has recently been selected as the finalist for her first large Public Art Project for Colorado’s Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, expected to be completed in May 2020.



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